"When I was feeling overwhelmed and I heard that Carla was 'Jane of All Trades' I decided to give her a call! Since that time, my home office is so much more organized. She was doing such a good job that we ended up doing a huge re-organization and even moved the location of one of our offices to a much more efficient room in our establishment. 

Once I felt comfortable with Carla, I asked her to give me some ideas of how to make some good changes. Carla labelled the things in our office so effectively, it is still so much easier for us to find the things we need! Another person who works in our office was so impressed with the changes that she made, he is hoping to hire her to help him organize his taxes!

​I've also hired Carla to help me with my housework. Carla is my 'go to' person when I really need to get my house in order! Carla makes it inviting, smelling good, and just helps with the day to day things. I love sitting and enjoying my atmosphere after she leaves."

Jean Cousins



"Carla's a lifesaver." 

Ian D. 


Carla Dippel
"Carla has helped both my mother and I with a variety of household duties. She works quietly and efficiently at a good speed, but also thoroughly. She cleaned both our vehicles inside and made them look like new. The moving of furniture and vacuuming under and behind was also well done. She is easy to have around and we will be calling on her services again in the near future. It is comforting to have someone in your home whom you know is a person of honesty and good character. I have known her for nearly 25 years."

​Linda Z.

"Hi Carla, thank you again for such an amazing job... I feel like I have a new kitchen!" 


"I have been so happy with Carla's services and am happy to provide my highest recommendation to anyone else looking to hire some extra help. Carla has worked with me on a number of projects as a contracted assistant. She has provided thorough and thoughtful support in the areas of life and work that I have required assistance in, including various forms of organization and running errands. 

Carla is excellent at observing the environment and finding ways to fit into the environment in a support role, allowing the task at hand to be done with due consideration of my expectations and preferences. She is professional, courteous, and maintains a strict level of confidentiality and privacy. 

Hiring Carla as a contracted assistant is one of the best things I have done in a long time and it has made a huge difference in my life.  I finally have the time to focus on the the things I value the most without the overwhelm of never getting caught up on other things.

I have been so grateful for her help and support and I strongly recommend her services."

Elizabeth C.